Having a passion for excellent wine and food, David and Gay Epstein purchased the vineyard at end of 2008.  David, an internationally renown architect (now retired) and Gay, a craft enthusiast in spinning and weaving, are both now living their dream at the Meniscus Vineyard and welcome you to share that with them. 


Grown on the hillside of the Akaroa township our wines are made in the style of the north of France from Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling Grapes.


The vineyard was formed and planted in 1998 and 1999 with all the plants facing north overlooking Akaroa. The grapes cover an area of 2.1 hectares covering the volcanic ground. 


We have a small depth of topsoil, a thin clay layer and then the volcanic rocks below, and this gives the wine its unique flavour. Our annual rainfall is 500-1,000mm so there is no use for irrigation. 


We produce 3-4,000 bottle each year, and our vintages are available for purchase at the Cellar Door as well as in local restaurants and shops. 


Cellar door open daily from 10am-6pm - please call to confirm visit.  




As well as the wine, we have a selection of special items such as: wine bags, aprons, tea towels, recycled bottles for cheese and olives, books and more.  Your can view the range at the cellar door.  


Enjoy life with your friends over a glass of wine and take in the amazing views from The Terrace. 


A Selection of local gourmet snacks are available featuring:

  • Barry's Bay cheeses,

  • Akaroa Salmon

  • Local charcuteries,

  • Peninsula olives. 


Sharing plates $10 each. Soft drinks are also available. 


A passion of Gay's (one of many) includes the Monarch butterfly (Danaus Plexippus).  These beautiful creatures can be spotted around the vineyard during summer and can be viewed on request in her new monarch butterfly enclosure.


The butterfly life cycle can be seen over the summer months. A large number of Monarchs are produced and released in summer and through to autumn.  

Meniscus Wines
43 Lighthouse Road, Akaroa

3770 550 Tel: 027